Center cut from the global strategy, mergers and acquisitions, governance structure, human resources, corporate finance, marketing, geographical and cultural aspects, multi-angle study the globalization of Chinese enterprises, and help Chinese enterprises to overcome many challenges from home and abroad become truly global vision, sense of innovation and all-around ability to handle complicated global management structure of Chinese multinationals.

In addition, a founding member of the Advisory Board will be able to have priority access to the research results of the research center, send one or two executives to part-time as an assistant researcher involved in the research center’s research priority to participate in the activities of the member companies of three hours per quarter Roundtable Forum. .
Currently, the center has identified three research topics in 2013, were as follows: risk control concepts and models of corporate globalization strategy, corporate globalization, mergers and acquisitions in China, as well as corporate globalization, mergers and acquisitions, organizational capacity building. The Professor Wang Gao the Professor Chen Weiru, Professor Ding Yuan, and Professor Yang Guoan Katherine Xin Professor will be responsible for the study of these three topics.
Professor Su Lida believe that Chinese enterprises are now in the second phase of the process of globalization. The advantages of human capital has gradually faded, Chinese enterprises are facing severe challenges. Therefore, the establishment of the research center of the globalization of Chinese enterprises in a certain sense, to help Chinese enterprises face difficulties and avoid weaknesses, success out of the country, to get a better development.

According to reports, research centers by Philips Chair Professor of Human Resource Management Arthur Yeung served as academic director of marketing professor high as the Joint Academic Director, and hired a vice provost, Bayer Chair Professor of Leadership Katherine Xin, Finance and Accounting Head of the Department, France Kai-hui Accounting Chair Professor Ding Yuan, as well as strategic, associate professor Chen Wei, such as the formation of the Academic Committee, the recruitment of researchers set up a management and research team.

Research Center as a model for Combination invited five alumni of globalization leading enterprises of the most representative of the establishment of the Advisory Board, practice and research, a powerful combination. Four-dimensional – Johnson Co., Ltd., China National Aero-Technology International Holdings Limited, Spring Group, TCL Group, Jinsheng Group within three years, a joint venture of more than 1,000 million to support academic research and to participate in the study and dissemination of knowledge.

According to reports, with the development of the research and teaching of the research center, the center will gradually consider absorbing more outstanding globalization of Chinese enterprises joined the governing units.
President Zhu Xiaoming, Vice President and Provost Professor Su Lida (HellmutSchütte), Vice President of Chinese dean Prof Zhang, professor at the Research Center of representatives and alumni business representatives to participate in the inaugural ceremony of the Research Center.

According to Professor Yang Guoan, the center will annually determine and implement 2-3 research topics multidisciplinary professor also be invited to participate in the research formation can be applied to the project, including: Case Development Alliance quarterly roundtable discussions, courses and symposia, published articles and writings.

CEIBS Globalization Research Center of Chinese enterprises inaugural ceremony held in Central Shanghai campus. As the first research team set up by a multidisciplinary professor in Central Europe, brings together top faculty from disciplines, such as human resources, marketing, management, financial and strategic.

Posted on: February 22, 2013
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