Comic shop opened in the first three to six months adaptation period (Member exchanges to adjust the quality and quantity of books) and to promote the early customer needs according to the store’s location and operating personnel and the length of the adaptation period and the early promotion, etc. All the shop to get startedafter to start planning for the medium-and long-term promotion and expanded store plans, the word does not succeed indeed words of wisdom. The entrepreneurial boss is not willing to do the same meet the above two? Imagine, became the boss suddenly between wage how long it takes to get a little bit of management real power. Furthermore, the boss is not more Qiantu unlimited it?
The question is no longer “should” or “should not” venture, but “how to” venture? In the meantime, you need to prepare about 20 to 40 million revolving funds, fixed consumer customers began three months after the state continued to show a draw after three months, this time, the business will start there was Lee, but within a short period of time depending on your target, over 30,000 does not difficult. Ministry of the shop several times higher than the peak of.

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